About Us

The Wolfpack Lodge welcomes you, your family and friends!

Come and enjoy making your own happy memories and new lasting traditions in our luxury home in Lake Tahoe. From the moment you enter, you will be transformed into a state of pure bliss!

Hi!  My name is Suzanne and together with my daughter and my son, we call ourselves “The Wolfpack”, hence, we named our beautiful home “The Wolfpack Lodge”.  This is where we have made our most favorite memories of our lives together. There is a deeper story here, one that is better told by our warm fire, but for now I will leave you with this fun fact about wolves . . . they are fiercely loyal and devoted to their pack – it is what binds them as a unit.   As members of the International Wolf Center we donate a portion of every guest stay to this charity’s efforts in educating the world about wolves.

The dream had always been to live in Lake Tahoe – after all, it is the most beautiful mountain lake in the USA!  Decades of working in Corporate America (Real Estate, Mortgage, & Technology) and saving pennies finally culminated in our home purchase in Elk Point Country Club in 2010.  We needed a place to retreat to and re-energize our minds, body and soul.

Lake Tahoe is already a naturally peaceful and serene location.  We wanted our every moment of being here to keep us feeling spiritually grounded, energetically balanced, completely relaxed, rejuvenated, creatively minded and soulfully inspired.  So, we intentionally designed the aesthetics of our indoor space to reflect a balance of the outdoor elements (earth, air, fire, water and ether). You will see this in the space itself, the furnishings, fixtures, cozy fine linens, super comfortable beds and the mix of woods, stone, metals, colors, textures, light, pleasant scents and picturesque views of the lake. 

Although the kids are grown and we are all enjoying new life adventures around the globe, we always return to our “Wolfpack Lodge” throughout the year to enjoy the many traditions we have created for ourselves here.  From the numerous White Christmas’ spent by the fire, to the ever expanding friends 4th of July party on the private beach, we are more than blessed to call this our home!  We love to snow shoe in the Nevada State Beach Meadow, sled down the hill in our neighborhood, mountain bike, horseback ride in the Sierras, journey to Heavenly Village for a movie, sightsee around the lake, snowboard, water ski, jet ski, hike the Pacific Crest Trail, and enjoy a game of pool on our “real tree” pool table in our heavenly home!

Now the destination is set, this vacation home is amazing, bring your family and friends, stay loyal and devoted to each other, be kind and loving, and focus your attention on creating your own amazing memories here at “The Wolfpack Lodge”! 

 The Dante Family

“The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. – Rudyard Kipling”.